Our Team

Our Team
Our Board & Members At Large
Our Americorp Staff

Mike Johnson Chief Executive Officer (707) 578-7707 x110 m.johnson@habitatsoco.org

Kelly Hennessy Chief Financial Officer (707) 578-7707 x109 k.hennessy@habitatsoco.org

Lou Enge Director of Homeowner Services (707) 578-7707 x103 l.enge@habitatsoco.org

Sandra Cobos Construction Resources Coordinator (707) 578-7707 x102 s.cobos@habitatsoco.org

David Irvine Faith Liaison (707) 578-7707 x116 d.irvine@habitatsoco.org    

Jenna Soiland Accounting Specialist (707) 578-7707 x112 j.soiland@habitatsoco.org

Liz Rentzel Assistant Project Manager (707) 578-7707 x114 l.rentzel@habitatsoco.org

Jasmine Palmer Homeowner Services Specialist (707)578-7707 x100 j.palmer@habitatsoco.org

Annalisa Price Director of Volunteer and Community Development (707)578-7707 x105 a.price@habitatsoco.org

Jacqui Salyer Fund Development Manager (707)578-7707 x118 j.salyer@habitatsoco.org

Kylie Dayton Salesforce/Homeowners Services Associate  (707)578-7707 x115 k.dayton@habitatsoco.org

Larry Arrington Procurement and Budget Manager(707)578-7707 x120 l.arrington@habitatsoco.org

Alex Dudoroff Construction Systems Coordinator a.dudoroff@habitatsoco.org (707)578-7707 x106

Josh Canaday ReStore Program Coordinator j.canaday@habitatsoco.org (707)568-3228 x203

Nichole Wimbiscus HR & Compliance Manager n.wimbiscus@habitatsoco.org (707)568-7707 x124

Megan Hennessy Office & Volunteer Coordinator  m.hennessy@habitatsoco.org (707)568-7707 x101


Wayne Kleefeld ReStore General Manager (707) 568-3228 x206 w.kleefeld@habitatsoco.org

Lori Harvey ReStore Operations Supervisor (707) 568-3228 x 202 l.harvey@habtiatsoco.org  

Ricardo Mata ReStore Assistant Manager (707)568-3228 x 205 r.mata@habitatsoco.org

Kevin Romero ReStore Associate (707)568-3228 k.romero@habitatsoco.org

Victoria Bastoni ReStore Cashier (707)568-3228 v.bastoni@habitatsoco.org

Kyle Davis ReStore Associate (707)568-3228 k.davis@habitatsoco.org


Stan Anderson Construction Foreman (707) 490-6580 Email: s.andersen@habitatsoco.org

John Kennedy Chair Licensed Mechanical Engineer Chief Technology Officer, Scollar, Inc.

Michael Adler Vice Chair Retired CEO Moto Photo

Luke Elwood Treasurer Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller, & Moskowitz

Greg Putnam Member at Large Architect Member since February 2011

Danielle Sandoval Secretary Zainer Rinehart Clarke

Jack Blankenship Member at Large Retired Sonoma Developmental Center Program Director

Tom Bottorff Member at Large Retired Senior Vice President, PG&E

Kristen Frizzell Kerns Member at Large Borba Frizzell Kerns, P.C.

Tim Leach Member at Large Retired US Bank

Henry Loh II Member at Large Attorney-at-Law

Jim Scally Member at Large First American Title Co

Maia Lomax Member at Large Omega Mortgage Group

Lance Cottrell Member at Large Ntrepid Corp

Andy Christopherson Member at Large The Synergy Group