Our Team

Our Team
Our Board & Members At Large

Wayne Kleefeld
Chief Executive Officer
(707) 568-3228 x206
[email protected]

Nichole Wimbiscus
Director of Human Resources & Admin
(707) 578-7707 x121
[email protected]

Rick Oberdorfer
Director of Construction
(707) 578-7707
[email protected]

Jacqui Salyer
Director of Development, Neighborhood Revitalization, and Volunteer Program
(707) 578-7707 x118
[email protected]

Julie Castle
Aging in Place and
Neighborhood Revitalization Program Manager
(707) 321-6706
[email protected]

Megan Hennessy
Aging in Place and
Neighborhood Revitalization Program Assistant Manager
(707) 578-7707 x 124
[email protected]

Tim Leach, Board Chair
Chairman of the Board of Goldman Sachs Middle Market Lending Corp and retired US Bank Chief Investment Officer

Michael Adler, Vice Chair
Retired CEO Moto Photo

Adam Belter, Treasurer
Poppy Bank

Steve Kent, Interim Secretary

Maia Lomax, Member at Large
Omega Mortgage Group

Henry Loh II, Member at Large

Rich Wallach, Member at Large
Burbank Housing

Betzy Chavez, Member at Large

Kristen Frizzell Kerns, Member at Large
Borba Frizzell Kerns, P.C.