Donate Appliances

When you donate appliances, furniture, and construction supplies to Habitat for Humanity, you support our community by helping us build affordable housing for families. Our ReStore is not a traditional thrift store. It reflects our mission by focusing on home improvement This allows you to get tax deductions for donating building supplies, from lumber to cabinets, flooring, tools, and so much more. Your donations and purchases do more than just help families own a move-in ready home with an affordable mortgage. It upgrades the entire neighborhood because the home is now owned by a proud, responsible owner. We prefer to build on blighted properties or empty lots to improve the local community. We even use green building practices to help maintain value and contribute to a sustainable future for the larger community. To donate appliances to Habitat for Humanity is to make our communities stronger by helping deserving families purchase homes they can afford.

How does it work?

Homeowners are carefully screened when they apply. To qualify, they must meet employment and labor requirements. Their income must be within 50-80% of Sonoma County median household income. The size and scale of homes are matched to the families who will move in. There must be enough bedrooms so that all children have room to play, do homework, and rest and a large enough kitchen to enjoy family meals. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our screening and placement process, we have never had a foreclosure on a Habitat for Humanity home. We can reduce the cost of the home because we have a dedicated corps of volunteer builders who work with professionals. Further reducing cost, we also receive generous property donations from individuals and organizations. Businesses also generously contribute critical services and equipment.

The ReStore further supports our mission. Aside from proceeds generated by the store, we also use your donations in the home’s construction and furnishing. If you want to donate large appliances, they must be less than ten years old and fully functioning. All parts and pieces must be included, assembled and in working order. The item, such as a refrigerator, washer, or dryer needs to be free of rust, grease, and black mold and have no aesthetic or functional damage. Small appliances such as blenders, toasters, food processors, and coffeemakers must be clean and in like-new condition.

How Can I Donate Appliances?

To donate appliances or other home improvement items to Habitat for Humanity, you can just drop by our Santa Rosa store at 1201 Piner Rd., Ste., email us at [email protected] or call us at 707-568-3228. Every person deserves a home and your donation gives a hard-working, deserving Sonoma County family a place to live, thrive and grow.