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Donating Land or Houses to Habitat

Your donation can help a deserving Sonoma County family
realize their dream of home ownership.

Donating Land or Houses to Habitat

To be able to provide as much housing as we can for deserving families, Habitat relies on donations from the community. Donations of land, or of housing to rehabilitate, greatly help us reduce costs and allow us to provide the most affordable mortgages possible to our homeowners.

Why should I donate my house or land to Habitat for Humanity?

Besides the beneficial tax treatment and lower expenses you can enjoy compared to a private sale, a donation to Habitat for Humanity strengthens Sonoma County and its families. By enabling us to take on more projects, you help remedy the affordable housing crisis and revitalize our neighborhoods.

Who can donate?

Individuals, couples, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies that own land are all encouraged to donate.

Do I get a tax deduction because of my gift?

Yes. Your charitable gift is tax deductible, usually at the current market value of the real estate. Also, donating your land may allow you to avoid many of the costs and fees of selling the land privately (such as broker's commissions). If you are unable to take the full amount of the deduction in the first year, tax law may allow you to carry over the deduction for up to five years. For answers that fit your specific situation, please consult a tax professional or attorney.

Which types of real estate donations are preferred?

The ideal property can be an existing home in need of renovation or undeveloped property that is open to residential development. Also, properties with lower building costs (for example, those near utilities or with completed pre-build tests) help keep our projects on budget. We will work closely with you to figure out whether your property might be a good fit.

If you would like more information about donating land or a building that needs renovating please contact Tamara Stanley at or by phone at 707-578-7707 x110. Thank you!