Family Services

Habitat Family Services

Together with the support of volunteers and our community, Habitat families become stable contributing homeowners.

Habitat and Families

Together with the support of volunteers and our community, Habitat families become stable contributing homeowners. Our Family Resource Volunteers help families break the cycle of poverty by providing educational opportunities and programs to assist families in their transition to home ownership and a better life. Habitat Family Services is involved in educating our families to be good neighbors and citizens within the community. Classes are provided on multiple topics including household finance, landscape maintenance, and home repairs. All classes are instructed by experts in their fields who donate their time.

Donating to Habitat Family Services

Life is a daily challenge for our families who find themselves on the edge of poverty. Imagine having to choose between buying gas to get to work or buying food for your family. Many of these families work two jobs and still have difficulty making ends meet. A small expense like a flat tire or the cost of a prescription can quickly become a financial crisis.

As our families struggle to provide the basics, they find they cannot provide life-enhancing activities for their children such as art, music, dance, sports and leadership classes. Yet we know from studies that involvement in the arts, sports and other skills help children with their academic success, their human development, their behavior and their self-discipline. These extra-curricular activities also help to reduce school dropout rates and to strengthen family bonds. By providing children with growth opportunities, we can expand young minds and possibly alter future generations to come.

Our mission at Habitat is to provide decent affordable homes for low income families and to improving the lives of our families by ensuring that their children thrive and grow. Habitat families frequently have no extra income to pay for items beyond basic needs. Often their children miss exposure to various cultural events which can broaden a child’s view of the world and help them aspire to a better life. Children between the ages of 11 and 14 are beginning to make life choices that last a lifetime.

If you would like to support our programs for youth, please consider a donation to our Habitat Family Services Program. Please designate "Family Services" on your donation.

Our Wish List

The following items are frequently needed by Habitat families. If you would like to target a specific item on the list please let us know.

• Gift certificates for school clothes, supplies, and backpacks
• Book allowance (most children can’t afford their own books)
• Lessons for dance, music, arts, and sports activities
• Money for Summer camps
• Art supplies
• Expenses for college, applications, and tests
• Tickets for family events, symphony, theater, and art exhibits
• Educational funds for tutoring and classes