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Before and after: Old furniture was magically transformed by the hard work of our generous Flipping Workshop volunteers.


Furniture Flipping Workshop at Restore!

On July 8, ReStore hosted our first “Furniture Flipping” workshop.  The morning started out with a welcome and tour of the store for the participants, followed by a brief instructional overview of the projects and goals for the workshop. With supplies and furniture provided by ReStore, a large group of volunteers then spent their Saturday morning under the awning in front of the store sanding, painting and staining a variety of furniture items. It was wonderful to see our neighbors donating their time to benefit Habitat for Humanity, while also getting acquainted with each other and learning some new DIY skills. These freshly “flipped” pieces can now be found on the ReStore sales floor – while supplies last!

We are delighted that many of the participants expressed an interest in coming to another workshop. Saturday, August 26 has been selected as the date for our next event. The enrollment information will be posted on our Facebook page soon. Thanks to everyone involved for making this event a success!

Jesse Bjork (left) and Marcus Coster of North Bay Construction Corps (Christopher Chung/Press Democrat)


2017 North Bay Construction Corps Boot Camp

A new boot camp for aspiring construction workers, Passage to Paycheck Boot Camp, is preparing local high school seniors to become the next generation of professionals in the building sector to help fill the void created by many retiring tradesmen. When the program launched in January, students met several nights a week for the first 18-week part of the course, which teaches skills and provides an overview of construction trades. Those who move on to the boot camp segment – seven young men from various schools this year – teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to get hands-on experience building a deck while a rotation of experienced professionals supervised.

The program provides trade education, but also certifications involved in operating vehicles and tools used in the construction industry. The program coordinator, Bill Hartman, a construction and wood shop teacher at Rancho Cotate High School, says that the program gives a good overview of typical projects for a builder and a glimpse into an industry that survives on a foundation of professionalism and a solid work ethic.

Johnny Reyes contributes his many skills to our many volunteer activities at Habitat for Humanity.


Volunteer Spotlight on Johnny Reyes

My role at Habitat first started as a way to fulfill a graduation requirement from SSU, where I needed to find an internship that didn’t pay. While looking at internships, I had a choice of a few different ones but nothing rang a bell to who I was and what I was interested in learning as an individual. But then I found Habitat. In growing up I would always see commercials with President Jimmy Carter building houses for lower income families. This was something I could relate to all too well. After almost facing homelessness, and being of lower income, I knew this is the place where I could best be put to use. I have been volunteering a little over a year and a half now and I have enjoyed every part of it, from recruitment events to the annual golf tournament, to the everyday ins and outs of administrative work and even getting dirty on the build site. This has been an opportunity that gives me more then I put in to it, no matter how much I may constantly give. I have learned many skills that have translated into my everyday life which has helped me graduate SSU and find gainful employment in our community. I come back every week because of the friendly staff, the knowledge they have shared and the good work they do for our community. It has been a monumental experience to know the work done here has changed so many lives and seeing the faces of those who we helped will, in short, stay with me forever.

Betsy Aparicio enjoys exploring the wide range of quality home items for sale at ReStore.


Betsy Aparicio Wins $1000 to ReStore!

When my coworker told me that she heard my name announced on the Wolf, I couldn't believe it. To say that the timing of this $1,000 gift card was a relief would be an understatement. We moved into our self-help home through Burbank Housing in May 2017, after a year and a half of hard work, we finally got to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This has been an incredibly happy time, to be able to paint, choose our own appliances and really make our home our own. This gift card will allow us the freedom to find some unique pieces of furniture, replace our light fixtures and so much more! I have visited ReStore several times, and each time I have been amazed with the items that are available. So far I have purchased a beautiful floor lamp, a ladder that I will redo into a blanket ladder and some shelves that we have since added into one of our closets. I am excited to see what we will discover the next time we visit the store, and I am incredibly grateful for this gift card.

Habitat's Misty Bastoni receives the generous donation from Jim Masters and Dorothy Wagner who were instrumental in raising $13,000 for Habitat.


Big Thanks to Spring Lake Village for an Amazing Fundraiser

Thanks to the Outreach and Philanthropy Committee of Spring Lake Village, the residents donated $12,650 to Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County in their first fundraising drive! They select 3-4 non-profit organizations each year to support through their fundraising efforts. These relationships last for about 3 years, with an increase in support each year. We are very fortunate to be one of the agencies selected for 2017.

We look forward to this ongoing relationship. Not only will the Outreach and Philanthropy Committee be offering monetary support, but they will also be providing donations to ReStore and volunteers in many areas of our affiliate. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by the residents of Spring Lake Village and we are so fortunate to benefit from their involvement. Here's to building more homes, community and hope!